All I know and all I need and all I got is gonna bleed.

25 March
I am afraid my pen, or keyboard as the case may be, will not have time to glean my teeming brain before I shuffle off this mortal coil. This would be my journal on what's happening along the journey.
1977, a wrinkle in time, abre los ojos, aim, amaretto, angie, apache, armonico, asimov, atlanta, awakeness, bad granola, bad jokes, bad monkeys, bad religion, beatboxing monkeys, being alone, beta band, blur, boarding, boobies, chris isaak, coldplay, coldplaying in the sun, corduroy, crazy no sync@nid man, damon albarn, dancing monkeys, deep thought, djing, douglas adams, dr. pepper, dreaming, drunk monkies, emily dickinson, fatboy slim, feeling free, fight club, finite unsadness, firefly, freckles, friends, funky monkies, goldfinger, good charlotte, good monkeys, gorillaz, guitar, her, hippies, hollister, imperfection, inspection 12, isolation, july 6th, jumping monkeys, kt, lameness, laughing, less than jake, life, looking in your die-rection, lost love, me, melodrama, memento, mest, millencolin, mindspring, mini-me, modest mouse, monkees, monkeydsl, monkeying around, monkeys, monkeys monkeying around, monkeys smoking a bong, monkeys with british accents, monkies, music, mxpx, my juliet, mysql, nerf herder, networking, nofx, oasis, ocean, oh hell yes, oh my my, open your eyes, otnemem, painting, persons, photography, php, pictures, police getting speeding tickets, punk, punk rawk girls, punks, r-mode, racquetball, ramones, rancid, rappeling, rapping monkeys, retarded chicks, romance, running on empty, salvador dali, screwing up, sculptures, shel silverstein, sign language, silly monkeys, singing monkeys, sitting monkeys, sketching, skiing, slick shoes, sound editing, stickers, stripes, sublime, surf, telecom, the beach, the killers, the last dance, the old in-out, the shins, the used, the walkmen, the way she looked, them, things, transplants, tyler durden, underwear, unix, vanilla sky, weirdness, where the sidewalk ends, wishing i was loved, wishing-i-had-all-the-previous, woohoo, writing, y tu mama tambien, your journal